We help electronics companies like yours to stand out from the crowd by making your brand buzz.

This enables you to be seen, be heard, be relevant and to be on point. The tech space is a busy one, it’s a hive of activity. Customers come to us as we enable them to differentiate themselves, connect to the industry and zone in on sales enablement. We float the marketing and communication channels like a social butterfly and sting your competition like a bee.

We are delighted and honoured to have won the 2019 Best EMS Marketing Agency – Europe, by CV Magazine.

Welcome to buzzword.

Proven Marketing and Communications agency with a lean and vertically integrated approach, dedicated to the electronics manufacturing industry. A complete end-to-end service throughout the entire value-chain lifecycle.

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Much more than simply content marketing.

But don’t take our word for it…

Gayle takes an idea and works into an end to end marketing campaign which involves so many elements. It’s amazing quite how much collateral can be achieved from one over-arching message, from articulate copy-writing, creative online messaging, video and social media. Gayle is ensconced in our team and is making a very positive impact.

Lee O'Toole

Marketing & Communications Manager, Anders
It has been a real pleasure to work with Buzzword Technology. Immediately clear was their deep concern for the clients’ outcomes;  this attention and care has resulted in a widely applauded relaunch of our website.

Eric Winkler

Founder, Chairman. Ryder Industries
Gayle was brought into VirTex to raise brand awareness through a series of key strategic initiatives. Very quickly, Gayle became an embedded member of our team and has taken VirTex on a journey that we would never have considered had we not commissioned her services, with real results.

Rick Polansky

SVP Business Development, VirTex
Gayle is a creative marketing professional, with a keen eye on staying abreast of what the industry needs. From brand vision ideas to collateral with a highly a creative message, she carries a unique balance greatly adding value to any team she is a part of. In addition, her ability to network is infinite and infectious.

Irma Björsell

Global Sales Manager, Evertiq
Gayle has a solid state strategic perception of the overarching business with the effective management of the detailed day-to-day issues and this is perfectly complemented by her comprehensive understanding of branding, marketing communications and the use of a broad range of media. A rare mix of strategic and tactical thinking and deployment.

Claire Saunders

Managing Director, What’s New in Electronics
Buzzword Tech is a team of busy creatives who support organisations in their ambition to develop and grow.  They always have their eye on delivering the best possible outcome, suited to the environment and technology.  From corporate identity to Press Releases and social media activity through to thought leadership initiatives, Buzzword Tech has it covered.

Andrew Maddock

CEO, SMS – Smart Made Simple
The team at Buzzword Tech have a very good insight into the EMS industry and its evolution on a global basis.  They are accomplished marketers, who are articulate and creative content writers, bringing the writing word to visual life.

John Dignan

MD, Dynamic EMS